What are Cookies?

Cookies are the files that contain a small chunk of information which allows the site to acknowledge your device while your visit to the website. Cookies are then returned back to the website on every consequent visit or to the other website as well which is recognizing that cookie.

How we can use the cookies?

We use cookies for multiple reasons. Mostly, there are no or fewer industry standards to disable the cookies without any disability in the features and functionality of the site. It is suggested that if you are not sure about the need of cookie, you should leave on all just to provide the service that you use.

The cookies are very useful to allow a website to perceive a user’s gadget and are used widely to make websites, to navigate the pages, and to work more efficiently. 

We use cookies to differentiate you from other users of attireclub.com. We just want to give you a better experience whenever you browse our website.

Cookies do not hold any confidential information like your contact number, home address and any third party website. We are not responsible for the cookie usage of our affiliates.

Change in browsing settings

If you don’t change your browser settings and continue to use our site, we will assume that you consent to us continuing to download cookies onto your device.

It’s up to you to allow us for the download of cookies. If you select to disable the cookies by changing the browser setting, our website features may not work efficiently in the same way to precede the same experience. In case you delete all the cookies, we will ask you to update all the preferences again.